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Guidelines for an ideal diet

What’s Wrong with Supplements and What are the Alternatives? Ascorbic acid (synthetic vitamin C) has now been proven to be of no benefit for immunity against the common cold nor on the duration of an infection. It is an essential antioxidant […]

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Sugar by any other name will taste as sweet

(thanks to Shakespeare for the inspiration in my headline) Here’s a list of names by which manufacturers disguise the sugar they add to improve the taste of their products; hook you into cravings and generally addict you to their sweet […]

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Sugars ain’t Sugars, Sol

I am not sure how many of us remember that car oil advertisement from which I borrowed my title but it gets my meaning across pretty well. In the same way as fats are now classed as good fats and […]

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Some Comments from Lovers of Kalari Crush

I really enjoy communicating with the many people who are noticing the benefits of taking Kalari Crush and I will present a few extracts from their emails here: Manuella Nicassio says; “Well, I’m French and all I can say is […]

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The Science Behind Kalari Crush

You might like to download our ebook, Superfoods and Kalari Crush on the Nutritional value of the ingredients in Kalari Crush. It is a detailed summary and points out just how unique our product really is and we hope that […]

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Illawarra plums

What is it? Illawarra plums are unusual because of their external seed. The fruit is botanically known as a swollen pedicel or stem and the tree, along with several related species, is found along the eastern seaboard of Australia. They […]

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