I am not sure how many of us remember that car oil advertisement from which I borrowed my title but it gets my meaning across pretty well.

In the same way as fats are now classed as good fats and bad fats, sugars (or all carbs for that matter) can be lumped in the same way.

The main bad sugar is actually regarded as a natural fruit sugar and is twice as sweet as table sugar of sucrose. It is fructose which is found in cane sugar, high fructose corn syrup, honey (up to 40% of the weight), palm and beet sugar. And of course, it is a major sugar in sweet fruits eg mangoes, stone fruits, melons, grapes etc.

It has not been long in our history since sugar cane growing wild across South and Southeast Asia spread over the entire globe. Sugar is now the largest agricultural crop in the world by volume which is a frightening statistic.

So why is a natural sugar so bad for us?

I recently found this video on sugar and the effects of fructose in the body which make it more a toxin than a nutrient. Clearly, we are NOT what we eat but what we DO with what we eat.

It is a long and detailed presentation but worth every minute if you want to immerse yourself into the world of nutrition, sugar conspiracies, government bungling, low fat diets and the way science and nutrition have been controlled and have misinformed us for over 30 years leading to the obesity epidemic.

It is a little US focused and the presenter talks about high fructose corn syrup which is not yet used in Australia but the information is excellent and a real eye-opener.​ I highly recommend making the time to watch it.

This research takes us to the point where we know that fructose is to be avoided like a poison. The next step is from more recent research in that Kalari Crush® offers the real solution of providing the micro-nutrients that quench the free radicals (reactive oxygen species or ROS) formed and inflammatory responses generated during fructose metabolism.

Antioxidants have also been shown to reduce insulin resistance (and therefore leptin resistance too) and fibre can stimulate the release of ghrelin from the stomach which is another satiety factor.

All this can help our body handle the bad sugar a little better but it is still highly recommended that we curb our intake of fructose from all sources.